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17th May 2017 - Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU

Retail Customer Experience Conference - Keynote Presentations

Retail Customer Experience Conference - Keynote PresentationsOur keynotes are designed to offer great content and variety to help our delegates get the most out of their time at the event. All presentations are delivered by leading experts or experienced retail practitioners.

The keynotes are based around key topical themes, relevant to the retail industry (see the agenda for more information). The specific sessions for the forthcoming event are not yet finalised, however as our speaker line-up is confirmed full details of the keynotes they will be delivering will be published.

Making Customer Experiences Magical - if financial services can do it - so can retail

Making Customer Experiences Magical - if financial services can do it - so can retailIt's simple - the best ideas often are!

Take your most challenging customer moments, use them to inspire your teams and watch your business transform.

Learn how by making a small change in a one team can within weeks become your company's greatest employee engagement program.

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Creating a customer journey that leads to long term loyalty

Creating a customer journey that leads to long term loyaltyCustomer experience has become a common phrase in most industries - especially retail.

Many talk about it, but is anyone any good at it? Why are so many organisations still failing to deliver consistently good experiences to their customers to deliver sustainable growth? Ian will provide practical guidance on how to deploy a framework for managing the customer experience.
The framework will explore the importance of clarifying the strategy/proposition of your company and how visualising the client journey can help you to understand how capable you are of delivering your proposition.

Mixing practicality with a little bit of inspiration, Ian will describe the competencies required for your business to not only become more customer centric, but to see the tangible effects that they can and will have on customer perception, employee advocacy and financial performance.

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Innovation Through Seemingly Forgotten Strategies

Innovation Through Seemingly Forgotten StrategiesBricks and mortar retail is said to be in terminal decline and for many retailers they are frankly experiencing what they deserve.

To tempt customers away from their tablets, smartphones and PCs, high streets and shopping centres need to offer a personally affirming experience to make customers' effort in visiting them worthwhile.

Other sectors are successfully using this retail based strategy to differentiate themselves in a globally commoditised marketplace, yet many retailers seem to have forgotten how to do it.

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Creating a Digital Customer Experience In-Store

Creating a Digital Customer Experience In-StoreIn today's world communications is no longer about types of delivery that are used but the value that these connections make possible, to both businesses and individuals. WEB 2.0 has opened up communications with the ability for users to collaborate and share information online linking in social media networking and e-commerce.
To make the most of the services retail organisations need to look at becoming smarter through greater business intelligence and the usage of specific analytical tools and demographics to provide enhanced user experiences and to convert non-customers to customers, customers to loyal customers and loyal customers into fans.

In this session we will be discussing the challenges facing retail
  • Creating the in-store digital experience
  • How do you educate the distributed work force and part-time staff to have the latest knowledge
  • Looking at gaining more insight into customer behaviour and preferences to provide a more personalised service

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Real-time insight into store status, no matter how geographically distributed your locations

Real-time insight into store status, no matter how geographically distributed your locationsIn this fun, interactive workshop session, co-hosted by Clare Bailey and Jonathan Brindley, delegates will get the opportunity to design and build their own "store manager checklist", live, in the Mobaro app.

Working in groups, attendees will be challenged to come up with questions that they'd love to be able to ask their store network today, but due to the barriers to communicating the question, and complexity in getting the answers back in a meaningful format, they simply don't do it.

The group activities also press delegates to consider what cost-saving / efficiency benefit or performance improvement their business could potentially realise if they were able to utilise real-time, actionable insights from stores. Meanwhile, the Mobaro tech "wizards" will actually be producing an intelligent digital checklist, live in the session, based on all of the conversations and feedback from the room!

At the end of the session attendees will get to see the outcome of their work, as well as being invited to download a demo version of the app in order to have a "play" with it during the lunch break, witnessing their completed actions appearing live, on the real-time dashboard, at the Mobaro stand.

This session will be thought provoking, interactive and fun - whilst also giving attendees a real flavour of the potential benefit Mobaro could bring to their business, should they wish to take the conversation further.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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The future of Automation in retail, how can modern technology improve customer experience?

The future of Automation in retail, how can modern technology improve customer experience? More and more retailers are using technology and automation to increase their business' efficiency and performance. McDonald's and Amazon have both recently hit the headlines after introducing new automated technology into their stores, however the trend, is not only limited to enterprise sized businesses.
Mid-sized retailers are now turning to automation to save time, make processes more efficient, and save money on staffing allowing them to redeploy their teams.

The keynote will focus on how mid-size retailers can move resources from the back office to the front office to accelerate growth and offer superior customer service.

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Improving Customer Experience Through Data and Personalization

Improving Customer Experience Through Data and PersonalizationAs customers spend increasingly more time online, we are presented with a huge opportunity for both brands and retailers to reach them in more targeted and innovative ways not possible in the offline world.
By improving customer experience and offering value-add for the shopper, retailers adopting new techniques such as digital trade marketing are seeing improved engagement and metrics.

How can brands use data and personalization to improve customer experience online to achieve these results?
Join Google's Sarah Davies as she shares insights on trade marketing spend from brands including examples from Tesco, Argos, and other retailers.

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